Joik Advent Calendar (contains spoilers)

As anyone who has followed my blog for a while might be aware, I *love* Christmas. Love Actually is one of my favourite films and I watch it at least once every Christmas season. I love the excitement and traditions surrounding Christmas. I love the time spent relaxing and seeing family and friends. I love winter walks and cosying up in front of the fireplace with a hot chocolate. I love having an excuse to indulge in enjoyable past times and delicious food and drink. I’ve always loved this time of year, and in the last few years the run up to Christmas has been even more exciting for me as beauty advent calendars have become a big deal. I’ve really enjoyed having a new treat to try each day in December and discovering some fantastic brands and products and sharing them with you on the blog.

Unfortunately, since going cruelty free (and ideally natural) this has been more difficult. Earlier this year I did a lot of research and found that the Look Fantastic box included predominantly cruelty free brands (just over half the items by my reckoning), so I bought that one. Then LoveLula* surprised us in the Natural Beauty Club by announcing that they would be stocking an advent calendar from Joik! I tend to prefer calendars that have a variety of brands, but Joik* do have quite a variety of products in their range (skincare, bodycare, make up, candles), so I used my LoveLula accredited blogger points this month to put towards the Joik advent calendar*. I was so excited to receive it this morning! I’ll be blogging each day during 1st-24th December to share some first impressions on each of the items in the box, but in the meantime I thought it might be helpful to share some initial thoughts on the advent calendar overall.

2017-11-04 11.23.31
Joik advent calendar

The design is lovely and it has an embossed top. It’s a cardboard box with a plastic insert (similar to the sort of thing you get in chocolate advent calendars). I have to be honest, I was a bit disappointed to find this as other beauty advent calendars have some really lovely practical packaging with individual boxes or drawers for each item. This helps keeps things more of a surprise, gives a bit more of a luxurious experience, makes them easier to remove individually, and means they’re less likely to leak onto other items. This latter downside of the approach was sadly clear to see in my box as one of the items had split and leaked over quite a lot of the box! Nothing a quick hoover couldn’t sort out but it was a shame.

2017-11-04 11.26.41
Covered in bathmilk powder!

Each day you open a perforated piece of the cardboard to reveal the item inside. Here’s day 1 for example (excuse the mess – this was taken before the clean up!):

2017-11-04 11.25.29
Joik advent calendar – day 1

As you can see from this example, the products are all really good sizes. Many of them are 30ml or 50ml so the ‘deluxe travel size’. They’re certainly ones that will allow you to give each item a good test rather than just using it once or twice (except for things like bath melts!). There’s a fantastic variety of different types of products and different scents; the overall scent coming from the box is amazing! Whilst I had the box open to clean it I confess I did have a quick smell of some of the items and there are some great ones in there. There are fruity scents, fresh scents, and earthier scents. There are shower oils, shower foams, body butters, scrubs, soaps, and plenty of facial skincare too. There’s also a candle (full size) and a scented pouch for in the car or home to keep everywhere smelling nice. I’m really impressed with the variety of different types of products and this definitely gives a similar experience of variety to what I’m used to with calendars with multiple brands.

If you don’t want to see the full box, look away now! 🙈

2017-11-04 11.50.03
Joik advent calendar – exposed!

I won’t list all the items, but if you are interested in details of every item you can see the listing of them all in the Joik advent calendar item on LoveLula*.

Is it worth it?

Beauty advent calendars aren’t cheap (some are more than £300!). The Joik calendar is mid-range in terms of price at £107. It’s not an insignificant cost by any means and I know there are some people who would have loved to get the calendar but can’t stretch their budget to that much. I do wonder if it may have made more sense to have smaller sized samples and a cheaper overall cost, but maybe that’s not cost-effective for Joik to produce.

For what you get in the box, I think the calendar is excellent value for money. I haven’t totted up the cost per ml to find out what it would be worth exactly, but I’m sure it would be a lot more than it costs! You are getting 24 really good sized samples, including lots of different types of products and scents, for just under £4.50 a day. The candle alone is worth £13.50.

I for one am really looking forward to next month when I can try out all these exciting new products. Many are ones I haven’t tried before so I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to share reviews with you on the blog 🙂

Purchase details

The Joik advent calendar* is available from LoveLula* for £107.

*Affiliate link: I receive commission if you purchase using these links (there is no extra cost to you). 

3 thoughts on “Joik Advent Calendar (contains spoilers)”

  1. I found my way to your blog when I googled for a picture of the Joik 2017 calendar to show to my mother-in-law. I was surprised to see something familiar: the same product had leaked all over my calendar as well! The container was cracked and there was nothing left of the product. For some reason I feel better that I wasn’t the only one…

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