Natural deodorants – tried and tested

One of the trickiest items to find a natural and cruelty free version of in my experience can be deodorants. Finding cruelty free ones can be difficult enough, though in the UK we have Superdrug own brand (highly recommended if you’re cruelty free and on a budget!). Moving to natural added another layer of complexity as some of the ones I’d tried when I went cruelty free were natural and (in my opinion) terrible. I never thought of myself as someone who struggled with body odour until I tried some new deodorants last year!

Fortunately since then I’ve found some great ones. In this blog post I’ll share four natural deodorant options I’ve been trying recently, all in different formats (solid stick, roll on, cream, and powder).

Natural deodorants
Natural deodorants

LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant – Pure Vanilla (solid stick format) – $14.00

LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant
LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant

This deodorant is natural, cruelty free, vegan, and has no aluminium or parabens. It’s a really lovely scent; I have it in rollerball perfume form too (as well as the vanilla lemon one which is my favourite!). This deodorant is a solid stick which although convenient can be a little tricky to apply as it’s quite dry and gets much drier over time. I imagine this is the case with all stick deodorants – before going natural I used roll on or spray deodorants so don’t have much experience with these. The scent does transfer on application and lasts well – it’s definitely one of my favourite deodorant scents and I always enjoy wearing it. It’s fairly effective but I find it’s not so great when working out (there is a Sport one in the range which I might try in future). I tend to use this one in the warmer months on days when I’m not going to the gym. The big downside of this one is how difficult it is to get in the UK, which is a real shame as I’d love to try the others in the range.

Madara Bio Active Deodorant* (roll on) – £12.00

Madara Bio-Active Deodorant
Madara Bio-Active Deodorant

This deodorant is natural, cruelty free, and has no aluminium. This one has been recommended by a number of natural beauty bloggers and has some great reviews. I like the roll-on format in deodorant, so I decided to give it a go. LoveLula has two different Madara deodorants – one herbal* and one bio-active*. I’m not a huge fan of herbal scents, and I work out regularly so I felt the bio-active one made much more sense for me. Others have said this has a sherbet-style scent, and although I’m not sure if it’s sherbet it reminds me of it does have a fresh and pleasant scent which has definitely not been the case for some other natural roll-on deodorants I’ve tried! It says it has all day protection, but sadly I didn’t find this to be the case for me. It didn’t perform well on days I was exercising, but even on days without exercise I found it didn’t seem to last all day. If you don’t mind reapplying then this one might be suitable for you, as it is a nice fresh scent and is very easy to apply (and small so easy to take with you), but sadly it’s just not quite right for me.

Indigenous Beauty Natural Deodorant Cream – Orange and Grapefruit* (cream format) – £11.99

Indigenous Beauty Deodorant Cream - Orange and Grapefruit
Indigenous Beauty Deodorant Cream – Orange and Grapefruit

This deodorant is natural, cruelty free, vegan, and has no aluminium or parabens. It only contains 7 ingredients (all organic) and is one of the cleanest I’ve come across in terms of ingredients. I’ve never tried a deodorant cream before this and was so intrigued. It’s a lot thicker than I was expecting, and is a little grainy in texture. I’d say it’s more like a paste than a cream personally (this may well be the case for all cream deodorants, I haven’t tried any others). I was sceptical to say the least! I was wrong to be sceptical though, this stuff is amazing. The scent of the one I chose (orange and grapefruit) is lovely. It took me a while to work out what it reminded me of, but it smells just like when I bake cookies with orange essence in (orange cookies in particular, not just orange essence!). You only need a pea-sized amount of product, so I tend to scrape some product on the back of a nail, pass it on to my forefinger of the other hand, and apply. It doesn’t take much rubbing in and isn’t messy at all (to my surprise!). It doesn’t seem to leave marks, though I do tend to apply it before I do my morning skincare and then it’s a few minutes before I get dressed. In addition to the lovely scent, I’ve been so impressed with the performance of this. I haven’t had any concerns, even after exercising or a long day travelling and full day training, and this has become my daily deodorant of choice. I’m so impressed and am planning to try some of the other scents in the range* in future.

The Ohm Collection Deo Dorant Powder – Coconut* (powder format) – £21.00

This deodorant is natural, vegan, and aluminium free. I got this at the same time as I got the cream deodorant as I wanted to try different formats. LoveLula* sell miniatures of Ohm so I was able to try a small sample before committing to a full purchase. I went for the coconut scent which is fairly subtle but very nice. Sadly though, I’ve found I’m not a huge fan of the powder format. I find it really tricky to apply easily. Because of this, I confess I haven’t tested it as rigorously as the others mentioned in this post as the format just isn’t my preference so I’ve only worn it a couple of days. However, to my surprise it does seem to absorb into the skin after a few minutes (it didn’t feel like it would as initially it seems very grainy!). The scent is very subtle when worn; I can’t really smell it. If you’re a regular perfume wearer this could be a good thing, but as I don’t wear perfume every day I like to be able to smell my deodorant. Performance wise however, it does seem to do a great job – I wore this recently on a long day with a particularly gruelling gym session and it did a fantastic job in terms of keeping any odour at bay. If I could get over the messiness of application I’d definitely be keen to use this more, and I love the fact that over time you should need less of the product too so it should last a long time. There is a greater variety of scents in this range – LoveLula has 11 available*.

The verdict

My favourite deodorant at the moment is the Indigenous Beauty deodorant cream*. I’m surprised to be saying this as I really wasn’t sure I’d like this format but this is one of those times when I love testing things and being open-minded about them! I’m using this on a pretty much daily basis and am really enjoying it. I’m planning to try the other scents at some point too. I also have the rest of the Ohm powder deodorant* to use up and as I’m so impressed with the effectiveness I may well be converted to powder too if I can master the application!

Do you use a natural deodorant? How have you found it? Any recommendations?


*This post contains affiliate links. If you use these to purchase items I receive a small amount of commission which I use to support my blog.

8 thoughts on “Natural deodorants – tried and tested”

  1. I love both the Soapwalla and Aurelia Probiotic cream deodorants. They smell great and are very effective. Slightly less effective, but not bad, is the Schmidt’s line of stick deodorants because some days you just need the ease of that! Deodorants have been tricky for me too, but it seems more companies are focusing on natural alternatives!

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    1. Thanks for the additional recommendations. I’m thinking of trying one of the Schmidt stick deodorants for keeping in my gym bag 🙂

      Agree it is fantastic to see more options and I’m sure they will continue to expand too.


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