Natural Makeup from LoveLula

I recently entered a competition on the LoveLula Natural Beauty Club on Facebook, and won £100 worth of credit to spend on makeup from LoveLula* to review for a video. I had a lot of fun choosing the products (though narrowing down my wishlist and sticking to a £100 budget was tricky – I did go slightly over but there was an offer on at the time!). As always with LoveLula, the delivery arrived really quickly and I was soon able to start trying the products.

2017-08-02 10.23.49.jpg
Natural Makeup from LoveLula

I got the following items:

After a couple of weeks of testing them out and seeing what I thought, I sat down and turned the camera on whilst applying them and nattering on about what I thought about each product. I then spent an afternoon editing the video to add in the close ups and product information (and remove a few unnecessary bits like letting the cat out of the room!), and this morning the video went live on YouTube. You can view it at or embedded below:

I really enjoyed trying the products out and sharing my experience – it fits well with two of my authentic motivators which are learning new things and sharing my learning with others to help them. I think it’s why I’ve always enjoyed blogging and I appreciated having the ability to be able to talk about things in a video format (I didn’t intend for it to be 30 minutes long but that’s how long I needed!).  I have also written blog posts for each of these items and they’re scheduled to be posted over the next week (one each day).

I think I’d like to do more videos in future so I hope you enjoy watching this. If you have any questions or comments (or recommendations for me to try!) please feel free to leave them either on this blog post or on the YouTube video. Thank you 🙂

*Affiliate link – if you use one of these links to purchase an item I may receive a small commission. 


9 thoughts on “Natural Makeup from LoveLula”

  1. It’s interesting to hear that you experienced smudging with PHB’s mascara, I actually thought it was really long lasting, didn’t smudge at all for me also when I wore it for a long time! I found Green People’s mascara was more prone to smudging than PHB’s. But I think it’s a lot to do with what you put on your skin before you apply a mascara. It came to my mind that maybe it’s the oil on the skin which makes mascara smudge – if your eyelashes touch that oil then some colour may get transferred onto the skin. Not sure you know what I mean? But maybe I am wrong..


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