Going natural

Recently I’ve been spending time on the LoveLula Natural Beauty Club on Facebook and am discovering more about natural skin care and make up. I guess this was a natural shift after moving to cruelty free products just over 18 months ago, and adopting a reducetarian diet (I don’t tend to eat meat unless I have limited options due to my existing dietary needs because I have coeliac disease). Most of the beauty products I use are vegan, and I’m moving more to avoiding products that contain animal products (for ethical and environmental reasons) or chemicals (for health reasons).

I don’t wear much make up but I do have a lot of skincare products. I love using skincare, but I’ve realised I may be using too many different products and might benefit from simplifying my routine and the products I use. I’m slowly moving to natural products and reducing the amount of different products I use. This should hopefully streamline the bathroom cabinet and make travelling easier too. I’ve noticed that although my skin is still fairly smooth (I’ve always been quite fortunate with my skin), I’ve had more breakouts and scarring recently and think simplifying things and using less chemicals might help. I love the Sukin Supergreens moisturiser and mask, so I’m going to be trying the serum from that range when my current serum is finished. I’m also looking to try a new cleanser either from Sukin or another similarly priced brand as my current Oskia one isn’t cheap! I could do with a toner or AHA exfoliator, a night cream, and a day moisturiser with SPF, and an eye cream/serum. Any recommendations appreciated! I have combination skin (more dry than oily) and like to use products that leave my skin moisturised and dewy.

On the make up side of things I’ve fallen in love with some PHB, Inika, Pacifica and RMS items so am keen to try more from these brands. My wish list is growing rapidly but I don’t need much more for my make up collection to be complete. I’m still looking for a BB cream, long-lasting (ideally waterproof) mascara, highlighter, and long-lasting lip colour, and possibly a liquid foundation.

Do you have any recommendations of natural brands or products? If you’re new to this too I can highly recommend LoveLula* and the LoveLula Natural Beauty Club.

*Affiliate link – I may receive a small commission if you use this link to purchase items.

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