Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser – Cruelty Free SPF

I’m a bit obsessive with SPF, especially on my face. I always use an SPF moisturiser (or tinted moisturiser/foundation), even in winter. I up the protection in the summer months, though realistically I don’t spend a lot of time outdoors. However, last month I travelled to Phoenix for a conference (where it was 47 degrees Celsius!), then to Las Vegas (a mere 42 degrees), then to Orlando (a slightly more reasonable 32 degrees but with killer humidity). As I was going to be spending just over a week in the desert and then two weeks in bright and humid Florida, I knew I needed an SPF that was a bit moreĀ than my normal day-to-day one for England. Finding one that was cruelty free, high SPF, suitable for wearing under make up, and non-greasy was surprisingly difficult. I’d scoured Superdrug and not found anything quite right, so I headed to Lush to see if they had any advice. Then I discovered this gem – Lush’s Million Dollar Moisturiser.

Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser
Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser

I haven’t been a huge fan of some of the skincare products I’ve tried from Lush before, so I was a bit apprehensive about using a moisturiser from there, and especially when I learnt the cost – 32.50! The staff are so helpful in Lush, so the assistant got me a generous sample so I could try it out for a few days to see how I got on with it.

I wasn’t a fan of the scent initially, though after a couple of days I grew to love it (anyone else find this happens with Lush products?!). The way it left my skin feeling and looking however… that I loved straight away. It’s not too heavy and you only need a tiny amount; it’s very moisturising and smoothes nicely on the skin. I was back within a couple of days to buy the full size.

Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser
Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser – close up

It has an iridescent sheen to it which looks quite obvious in the tub, but on the skin it’s fairly subtle and gives a lovely glow. It’s a great moisturiser to wear as a primer under make up – I find that if I use this and more mattifying make up, it gives a lovely effect as some of the sheen shows through (I don’t wear high coverage make up).

Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser switched on hand
Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser swatched on hand

I’ve been wearing it almost every day since purchasing it, and it protected my skin amazingly well whilst we were away. I’ve had it for almost two months now and haven’t made much of a dent in it so I’d estimate it will last at least 5 months, possibly more. I probably won’t need this sort of coverage in the winter months so may not repurchase straight away but certainly intend to use this again next summer (though I notice on the website it says leaving soon – I really hope that’s a seasonal thing!)

What SPF facial moisturiser do you use? Any recommendations for other cruelty free and natural versions?


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